Smith Material Handling and Workspace Solutions

Smith Material Handling and Workspace Solution offers the finest and most economical locker solutions to meet your needs. We have experience designing and installing for a wide range of uses. Our industry connection with top manufacturers enables us to do the legwork and find the best steel, plastic or wood locker solution to your specific needs and challenges
  • Personal storage

    For employee break rooms, schools, gyms, health clubs, etc. Design a place for employees, students or members to store personal items like coats, purses, cell phones or even their lunch or to change from street clothes to work clothes.

  • Secure storage

    Tenant storage, police stations, warehouses, pharmacies, etc. Create secure, easy-to-access storage for high risk items and locations that are high traffic or lack other security.

  • Industrial storage

    Perfect solution to eliminate loss of tools, equipment, store chemicals, or store personal items of employees.
Our sales team has decades of experience. Whether it is a single locker or an entire school, we can provide a product and locker installation solution for you.



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