Smith Material Handling and Workspace Solutions

Mezzanines utilize existing resources and reduce the need for new construction or facilities, making them an ideal way to economically add vertical storage to your facility. To add more space to your facility, it is a less expensive alternative than a building addition.
  • High-density storage and work areas

    Mezzanines increase the amount of useful space in your facility by claiming “air” space in the cube.
  • The right solution for your needs

    Utilize mezzanines for applications such as picking and storage, office space, production areas, elevating equipment or streamlining operations.
  • Access and safety

    Consider mezzanine gates, vertical conveyors and fall prevention systems for greater safety and functionality.

As a part of our complete mezzanine installation package, we can offer:

  • Access Gates

  • Catwalks

  • Staircases

  • Work Platforms

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